Verse by Marines 
Cook, Robert L. (cont'd)
From Guadalcanal to Safeway
From Me To You
     From Me To Y'all
Goin' to a Meetin'
Great Was The Sorrow
     Guess I'm Lucky
     Guys Like Me
Have I  Been  Remiss?
Have You Ever?
     Have You Forgot?
     Hell, It Ain't Over
Here We Are
     He's Home Again
     House on Bunkum Road
     How Dark the Night
     How Long? How Long?
     How Old Am I?
     I Am A Marine Veteran
I Am A Writer
     I Dug A Hole
     If I Ruled the World
     If I Was a Wise Man
     If I Was The President
     If I Were A Marine's Wife
     I Found Our Flag
     If You Love Your Comfort
     I Get to Thinkin
     I Got A Buddy
     I Hardly Know Ye
I Have Two Hands
     I Heard The Bugles
I'm A-Sittin'
     I'm Old!
In Days of Yore
     In Every War
     In My Time
In the Dark of Night
Into Politics I Ain't
I Read Again
     I Remember Pearl
     I Remember When
     Iron Pot
     I Sat Among the Honored
     Is It That Time Again?
     Is This My Land?
     It Shall Always Be
It's Starting Again
     It Takes A Marine
     I Took A Trip
     I Took Me To A Concert
     It Seems Like Only Yesterday
It's Xmas Time!
I've Got Feet
I've Had Xmas
     I Wish That We
     Just a Crusty Old Marine
     Just A Few
Livin' High
     Long and Bloody
     Lord, Save Me
     Marines Ain't All Muscle
May I?
Me & Time
Merry Xmas, Ho-Ho-Ho
Most Every Day
Me, Myself & I
     More Mud!
     Mr. Higgins
     Must We?
My Comment
     My Computer
My Country, Right or Wrong
My Gyrene Cap
     My Legacy
     My Ol' Back Porch
     My Ol' Blues
     My Ol' Boondockers
     My Ol' Buddy Passed Away
     My Ol' Canteen
My Ol' Clock
     My Ol' Company
     My Old Buddy
My Ol' Gunny
     My Ol' Mess Kit
My Ol' Rifle
     My Sergeant Done Told Me
My Time In Line
Aitken, Will

Authors unknown
A Marine PFC
Christmas Cheer
Forgotten Fighter
Our Fighting Men

Barela, Cook
A Sense of Grief
The Scent of Her Indiscretion
The Shadows at My Side

Bell, David L.

Benuche, Nihil D.
Marine Pride
Ode to Corpsmen
Seven Souls of Challenger
Time to Report
Time to Report II

Bliss, Mike
A Marine in Thailand
The Prisoner

Britton, Bill
Memorial Day, 1997
Playing War at Kitchen Table
Remembering Otis Grey

Brown, Allen
19 Brothers Came Home

The Shroud

Cockson, Harry
Blowing Bubbles in the Sun
Johnny's Two-Wheeler

Cook, Robert L.
A Band Of Marines
A Book And Poems
About the Corps
Across This Land
A Different Breed
Again We Pause
A Hopeful Holiday
A Long, Long Trail
Along The Way
Along The Way (2)
A Marine is a Marine
A New Year
And So It Goes
And So It Goes II
And Yet I Wonder
Another Year
Armistice Day
A Sergeant of Marines
As I Lie Sleeping
As One By One
As Time Goes By
A Thirty-Year Man
A Thousand A Day
A Tribute to Bill Mauldin
Away All Boats!
A World Event Is Coming
A Writer?
Before These Keys
Black Sand
Blessed Corps
Boot Camp '42
Bring Forth the Banner!
Cammies or Khakis?
Can It Be?
China Marines
Chow Call
Christmas Dreams
Christmas with the Troops
Clouds of War
Come A Sunday
Come Walk with Me
Common Man
Company Clerk
Corpsman! Over Here!
Count No More
Count Not the Days
Country Boy
Desert Troops
Don't You Hate When. . .
Down Home
Each Day They Die
Fear Not
Field Rations
Field Sanitation
Fix Bayonets!
Fly Boys
Forgive Me, Lord
For the Good of the Corps
From Boot to Top Marine
Eagle, Globe, Anchor of U.S. Marine Corps
Cook, Robert L. (cont'd)
To the Corps!
To the Ladies
Troop Ships
Tuns Tavern Tune
Unfurl the Banners
Victory or Peace
Victory's Prayer
     Warriors Once We Were
     Warriors Past
Way Back When
      We Got Ourselves a War!
     We Hold These Truths 
We Were Marines!
What A Mess
     What Does It Take?
When I Was. . .
     When I Was Seventeen
When I Was Young
When You Gotta
     Where Ever I Go
     Where Have My Buddies Gone?
     Who Is This Guy?
     You Know The War Is Over
Your Undewear
You Think We're Safe?

D'Arche, David
     Before the Battle
     In the Heat of Battle
     The Battle
     Memorial Day
     Memorial Day II

     Always Faithful
     Bar Code
     Bench Marks
     Dark Side
Eat Crow
Ego Feed
     Happy Feet
     Less Is More
     Mouse Hole
     Night Snow
     Road Rules
Soothing Delusions
Tea Time
     Ten Point Oh
     That Catch
     2 in a Bed Built for 1
Woman Down the Hall

Skunk Works

Gannon, Robert A.
     Seabags in the Rain

Hayes, Patrick
     Dawn Was The Best

Hayman, Alvin
     China Duty

Jacques, Ricardo
Verse by MillRatUSMC

Johnson, Don
     A Grunt's Salute to Wingers

Lindsey, Jay

Niader, Frank
     Gold Star Mother
     What Could Have Been
     Purple Heart
     Tell Dad Not to Worry
     Tell Mom I Died Like A Marine

Powell, Lee B.
     That Stinking Portside Head

Reh, Ed C.
     The Sentry

Stockton, James
     Maggie's Drawers
     Poker Game of Life
     The Campaign Hat
     The Pisscutter
     Thoughts of Conquest
Why Memorial Day?

Thorpe, Darby
    I Grieve
     The Chair Is Empty

Tobin, Cal
     A Full Circle is Still Zero 
     Aluminum Showers
     Papa Three Four

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