To God—as long as He
agrees that sometimes
I must bend his Sinai laws
or break as necessary
albeit for a worthy cause,
such as when I steal from
those who won't miss it
or lie so as to assure that
my party gains power 'cause
the other party is the devil's own

To nation—except in April when
I'm justified in cutting every corner
possible on my tax returns because
my employer doesn't pay me
what I'm worth and promotes
others to positions that are
rightfully mine, leaving me
no alternative but to screw
employer and Uncle Sam
better than they do me

To wife—till death do us part if she
agrees that when off to war hubby's
fornicating is without sin because
men gotta have it so wife must
accept that neither the woman
I shacked with in Japan nor she
in the Philippines meant anything
to me other than as providers of
services that are due males owing
to God-given biological dominance

To Corps—with proviso that women
don't belong in combat because such
would tempt the weaker gender to seek
equality in areas where our Creator
clearly did not intend for wives-at-war
to fornicate or lie or cheat on tax returns
any more than He meant for women
to become priests, popes, commandants
or, heaven forbid, theologians who'd
read Sinai's stone-chiseled laws unfairly

*     *     *
Always Faithful