All went quiet after those aahhs
and ooohhs with my head down and
arms pumping and toes digging into
dirt to get to max speed ASAP 'cause
that ball clearly had a jump on me.

Even though looking straight ahead,
I saw from eyes' lower periphery the
white tips of black low-cut Converse
All Stars gulping turf below at full
gallop and I lost my cap early on.

While flat out my right hand came
up before my eyes on right as left
leg matched its forward thrust and
then left gloved hand rotated up to
eye level paralleling right leg's thrust.

That first look when ball met bat was
all I had to go on and I knew that soon
I'd look over right shoulder to find
descending ball but that was still a few
strides away owing to Bill's power.

At what level of one's mind is it that we
gauge distance, speed of ball plus leg
speed and stride length factored against
the angle of my run as compared with
ball's forward motion plus gravity's tug?

Was I computing while flat out with my
vision blindered by upswinging hands
as below the white tips of Converse
poked my peripheral rim in opposite
tandem with counter-rotating arms?

Does runner think at all? Or is it best
left indescribable owing to too many
physical variables and, harder yet,
intangibles that attend workings of
mind, not to be confused with brain?

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