Knife & fork
The newspaper where I worked was right across road
from Tokyo's Imperial Palace, around which is a moat
and parallel to that a sidewalk having no stop signs or
traffic lights: 1 lap = 5 km (3 mi), a magnet for runners

I'd work 10 to 6 then head to firm's basement locker
room to change togs to sweats and access course via
a tunnel going under the busy thoroughfare that
parallels sidewalk going 'round Hirohito's palace

I was new to running and soon a zealot for doing a
lap after work then two then doing laps before and
after till knee ache called halt to twice daily but
still I couldn't get enough of runnin' round the moat

Tokyo being more humid by far than any other city
I've known, post-work summer runs then hotzy bath
at locker room caused shakes on subway so I'd exit to
gulp a pint of milk on platform then reboard for home

Ego got fed when, banging out laps, a few Japanese
runners would call, "Shorter!"—I knew of their error
as Frank Shorter had won Olympic gold (1972) and
silver (1976) in marathon; they thought I was him

Tall, skinny, curly hair, mustache and first name were
the extent of our likeness, which Japanese runners
should've known as some who called his name were,
in fact, going by me as they noted surface similarities

Alas, I felt no burden to correct their error. . .

*     *     *     
Ego Feed