I climb stairs to Saturday night's bath,
leaving Jade below, watching a drama

Water fills tub as I type email to a friend
then scoot up to change hot to cold,
blending to suit tonight's rain squall

Nude, I practice tennis serves in dark
within an empty bedroom although
I don't leap high in deference to
low ceiling and unlashed gear

When steam fogs mirror, I dial to
NPRadio's Thistle and Shamrock,
easing into hotzy bath accompanied
by fiddle music from Orkney Islands
and other nooks of The Old Sod

Rain driven by 30-mph Trade Winds
flogs our home's windward wall as
I attune lower self to steaming water
that only bath-mad Japanese savor,
even though Jade warns against
running ofuro as hot as I always do

When legs are parboiled to red,
torso slides down into womb water
till head rests against tub's back rim,
requiring that legs slide up and, as
fiddles play Scots reels and Irish jigs,
all is still save two size-13 feet —
dancing on wall above spigots

*     *     *
Happy Feet
2 silver happy feet
Donald & Daisy Duck dancing