Working out in a tatami room
Our joy is having
just one car in a
two-car garage.
Void is better
than things
we'd junk if they
have no future,
so we don't buy
what'd become
garage clutter.

We hang laundry
in one empty
bedroom while
another has
naught but rug.
A third's bed
and chest seem
sparse to Yanks
at odds with
elbow room.

Our fancy
for space left
barren results
from years in
a flat with six
tatami mats has
213.24 square feet
total and some
flats are 4.5 mats.

Not to mention
Tokyo's labyrinth
subways and trains
chockablock with
mute commuters
for whom railways
hire men to lower
shoulder and cram
overflow into cars
dense with silence.

It's not hard
to fathom this
joy for a garage
lean of goods,
yet maybe we're
at having things
worth showing
to guests we
rarely receive.

*     *     *
Less Is More
(more or less)
An eight-mat flat
An eight-mat flat
Futon bedding