Wanting nothing more than to be virile,
he tries to out-macho others in hopes
of being accepted as one of the guys

Hoping guns will make him manly,
he boasts of NRA membership and
a yen to shoot trespassing burglars

He brags of VIP status at a casino,
clueless that such amounts to buying
frequent-flyer miles at a bordello

A Vietnam-era veteran, he distanced
himself from legit Viet vets during the
decade they were in USA's doghouse

Only when it became fashionable to be
a Nam vet did he lament not being able
to boast of medals earned at war

So he infers valor with tales of boozy
visits to VFW halls, hoping listeners
will assume he's a legit member

In fact, he lurks outside those halls
and when legit members enter they're
propositioned from sidewalk shrubs:

"Psstt! Hey, buddy! Buy you a beer
if you get me in there as your guest
. . .Come on, whattaya say, huh?"

*     *     *
Author: USMC & RVN, 1966-1969