Born to a military lifer, he knew life only on bases
till it came time to follow footsteps and enlist for
a career doing what would keep him from having
to fathom civilian chaos outside a martial womb

While within he embraced soothing credo that
his nation is number one in all things that count
and that civilians are scum of earth and that real
men respond to wars by volunteering for combat

But such didn't apply to him 'cause he valued a
safe duty station and found that when real men
are away to wars promotion comes easy yet, still,
civilian life lurked like cat outside his mousehole

Alas, on retirement he had no choice but to face
fear of that feline, which turned out tougher
than he'd feared as civilians don't know their
place and are less prone to Linus-blanket creed

Reeling with culture shock plus missing base
brew clubs thick with schtick and braggadocio
and rants against civvies for whom he works,
he was keen to reenter a warm military womb

Back within mousehole, his fear of chaos cat
eased and good riddance to civilian life but
when boozing at slopchute he slumps forlorn,
keen to change topic as warriors swap memoirs

Alas, Okinawa has become anything but the
promise land Otis sought as young war vets
mock his career dodging what they survived
through multiple Iraq/Afghan tours 

*     *     *     
Mouse Hole