Linus and his security blanket
He emailed me one night out of the blue,
sending the web addy of a forum where,
he boasted, he was sparring with a slug
disliked by many known as Warhorse

So, as requested, I went and watched while
Otis attempted to get the better of slug
as others there likewise pummeled target,
so it seemed Otis would do as boasted

Lo and behold, over a three-hour span boaster
became more belligerent and foul-mouthed
than Warhorse, to such an extent that boaster
was the one made to look like a boozy lout

And the next day Otis emailed, explaining
that he’d become boozed at home while using
keyboard to pound his target resulting in, alas,
Warhorse seeming sane & sober by comparison

All of which confirmed what I’d long suspected:
boaster is a belligerent drunk who brings hatred
to keyboard for venting, boozing at home in lieu of
driving to bar, drinking, then drunk-driving back

At keyboard or on barstool, booze frees bile that
compounds within boaster like mortgage interest,
requiring cyclic sessions of fury followed by a few
days of tiptoe penance till bile compounds anew

The Linus blanket to which Lil' Otis clings justifying
predictable binges is that he doesn’t "suffer fools
lightly," venting only at those who are wrong, so
his boozed belligerency proves targets are at fault

Otis has erupted online many times since then,
predictably on Friday and Saturday nights when at
keyboard and no work to arise for the next morn:
booze in, bile out . . . typos in lieu of slurred speech

*     *     *     
Author: USMC & RVN, 1966-1969
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .