I look both ways when crossing
a one-way street: twice toward
oncoming traffic and once to side
from which cars can't legally come

People notice when riding with me
that I don't look at them when we
converse and neither hand, unless
shifting thru gears, leaves wheel

Even if we did have a cell phone
I wouldn't answer it while driving
and if I did, I'd tell whomever to
call back later or I'll call them

Eyeballing rearviews and road
ahead isn't enough, so I scan for
cars driven by smokers, dopers,
eaters, drinkers and daredevils

Enslaved to peer pressure,
young male driving car with other
young males therein dare not use
turn signals when changing lanes

Then again, women drivers with
ciggy in left two fingers while
right presses cell phone to ear
are likewise threats to survival

Mom loathed drivers who hang
left arm out window as if to say,
I'm too skilled to need two hands 
plus I wanna air out my armpit

Maybe I'm anal-retentive for being
wary of anal-repulsive drivers, but
my ways don't jeopardize them:
Expect and prepare for the worst

*     *       
Road Rules