Prone to preaching how 
others should be honest,
forthright, and of sterling
character, such bromides
don’t apply to himself
when his many hatreds
surface like flotsam

He’ll posture publicly
while stating his views
re contentious issues
as though he alone has
facts on his side and any
holding differing views
are alien subversives

The more effective others
state views that rouse his
always simmering bile,
the more he feels justified
at using any tactics to smear
and silence they whom he
cannot counter with logic

He grants himself dispensation
from commandments he insists
others must obey when their
views leave him no choice
but to lie because, he insists,
lying-isn’t-lying when target
is deemed less than human

Even those sharing his ideology
remark how black and bitter
is his rage, to such an extent
some suspect his ills result
less from age than gall that
gnaws him from within like 
maggots hollowing a carcass

His hypocrite’s habit of posting
backbites at those-he-hates while
hiding behind pseudonyms sans
email addy was his undoing when
it was seen that Skulk’s IP addy
matches backbiters', a ploy used
lest he be seen the hypocrite he is

Since then he writhes and plots
to recapture his lost façade as
Smeagol schemed to take from 
Frodo the 'precious' he'd lost
after its power had gutted Gollum
no less than Skulk's hatreds
have left him a
                           bigoted old man . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

He thought 'Merica couldn't get
much worse till a 'halfbreed'
became president and seeing a
black family in Whites-only House
has him praying to a silent god
for another James Earl Ray lest
Obama inspire millions more

*     *     *