Resumed jogging in summer’s high heat ’cause
I hoped the invested sweat would deter me from
quitting once light fades and temps drop in autumn

Six weeks from 60 and hoping age equals wisdom,
I resolved to speedwalk odd-number laps and jog
the even circuits, keeping pace with my goals only

Easy to resume in muggy heat as sweat oozes out with
zero effort, quickening warm ups plus lessening chances
of cooling down too soon after a late-afternoon workout

Other joggers at July’s track withered to near none when
dog days of August made intaking enough oxygen akin
to running wind sprints in Bill Ojala's Finnish sauna

And one need be attuned to (and content with) tiny gains
amid DC’s foggy-bottom muggy temps but such was easy
owing to years of same in muggier-still Tokyo summers

Joggers returned to the track in late September as 
nights cooled even though day temps were still mid-80s
and sweat still flowed from faces flushed lobster red

Lo and behold, long about mid-October all at track began
jogging quicker as the night’s cooler temps spilled over
into daylight hours and leaves mirrored lobster mugs

The odd-number laps found me striding longer and quicker
as muscle-memory, which had been awaiting all along for
lungs to catch up, took over and synched movement of all

And the slingshot effect set in, compounded by four months
of dogged slogging thru muggy afternoons, providing pace
as a rocket gains from the gravity of a planet being passed

We’ll see how long this euphoria lasts once clocks turn back
on 29 October and I begin late-afternoon workouts at dusk,
once again solo at unlit track and daylight still fading until. . .

. . .Winter Solstice changes everything come 21 December

*     *