I fear winter
because it's a
season of comforts
that hasten death

Pale sun sets before
supper leaves fridge
while sidewalks are
reeled in like firehose

Winter forces neck
into torso as life
huddles and hunches
beneath leaden skies

It corrals us at home,
work, or in 4WD SUVs
driven routinely betwixt
our polarized burrows

Cold smacks faces that
exit hurrying to scrape
ice from windshield for
rides to job, school, mall

Another smack when
dashing to Buick from
workplace, where we plan
online escapes to Maui

Sports end in our teens,
replaced with 200 channels 
of watching pros play from
a sofa's rearend zone

Starbucks earns more
from whipped-cream
toppings than from
java beneath froth

Bears leave hibernation
lean, hungry, aggressive;
Yanks reach spring
fat, hungry, diabetic

Email and cable guarantee
weight loss, credit, Viagra
and 3-inch penis growth
in as many months

Every minute I stay
in this room—I get weaker;
every minute Charlie squats
in the bush—he gets stronger

*     *     *
No-neck sparrows
Apocalypse Now