Chopz, ET, Laamie & fd run
stride for stride at 19 miles
of 2007 USMC marathon

Each is scheming: when
should I bust these dudes
with a surge they can't match

Up pace from 6.5 min/mile
to 5.7 for a mile then ease
to 6.5: "Match that, dudes!"

500 yards forward run Ghost
with Speed a stride behind,
resting within Ghost's draft

"Not fair!" Ghost whines
"Get up here!". . . he seeks
to coast in Speed's draft

300 yards ahead Bulldog
runs a stride forward of 
three world-class Kenyans

Them wanting to pass Nihil,
who won't allow it 'cause
none of trio are jarheads

Johnny Henson is next but
zigzags curb to curb chatting
up librarians rather than win

Behind leader run Cook, Devine
D'Arche, Lindsey & Stockton
shoulder to WWII shoulder

Ahead of all runs Dick Bailey,
a mere 20 yards behind the
marathon's Follow-Me truck

Dick, who strides skewed
to side on which he lugged
a lethal BAR on Guadalcanal

Dick's about to pass the truck
—but back in pack a surge is 
on that may change outcome

Chopz, ET, & Laamie are left
plus Ghost & Speed are passed
as are Nihil & then J. Henson

Five WWII horsemen allow
upstart to pass but call out:
"You'll not catch Gunner!"

Dick won't look back but knows
I'm there as he & fd surge past
Follow-Me truck on either side

*     *     *