Same guy, same treadmill
same distance, same duration
same time of day, same speeds

A difference: ratchet-up paces
at 10 minutes per instead of 5,
a grudging concession to age

As is walking the first 20 min
at a pace allowing biosystems
to cease balking and get synced

Such enables breathing through
beak instead of yap for first 30 min
of jog at speeds allowing meditation

On runs across ChuLai flightline
launching F4 warbirds heavy with
nape, daisycutters and gun pods

Or those in Oahu's Manoa Valley
and others in nightime Jeddah
or around Hirohito's Tokyo moat

And now I'm reduced to lollygags
on a treadmill after work in DC,
keen to regain what's long gone

Except for the final 10 min of hour:
5 min at 10 min/mile then 5 at 9:14,
nearing best part of a 65-min voyage

Then walk 3 min, sweat oozing down
neck-arms-legs while pulse eases from
155 to below a reassuring 130 bpm

Which brings smirk: quick recov means
all systems are ready to rock for final 2
of 65 min — at 10 mph, aka 6 min/mile

The pace of youth, when I could run
thusly for 18 min instead of a mere
2 to conclude sunset tread session

Like Jack Russell unleashed, legs-lungs-
arms are keen to run after 63 minutes
of forced restraint, a better part of caution

Abs against tread's handlebars, the sprint
enlivens, all systems in synch, grin on
mug: young again, albeit for 2 minutes

*     *     *
Ten Point Oh