That machine taunts when I cannot keep pace
enough to stay within its handlebars, as if to say:
"Ha! Whattzamatta, mofo? You can't keep up!"

Mind you, I don't stop or slow the pace but, on
some nights, it's harder to stay within the arc of
those taunting bars than it is on other evenings.

Same guy, same machine, same distance at same ratchet-up paces and the hard-but-best segment
is several 2-min bursts within final 15 of 65 min.

Ever seeking patterns, I noticed that I did better
after eating lunch larger than my usual salad,
plain bagel & hot java (2% milk but no sugar).

After our usual Thursday pasta din-din was also
easy on Friday eve to stay within the taunt bar's
arc so I bumped up the burst pace to 7.22/mile.

I forget I'm hungry till someone asks and then I
must think, "What time is it? Should I be hungry?
Been 5 hr since breakfast so, yeah, time to eat."

Hoping I was on to something, ate lunch today
of more substance plus sembei (rice crackers)
in mid morn and afternoon at work today as well.

         Bingo: this eve's run went so well that my abs
         were against those handlebars at 6:52 pace as
         I taunted: "Can't shake me, tread."

*     *