Yanks say I exaggerate when
bemoaning how cramped life
is in Japan, whose capital city
Tokyo centuries ago became
the first of world's cities to
exceed one million residents.

Our Oahu home with 2,000 sq ft
indoors is modest by today's
mode whereby each kid must
have own locked bedroom, TV,
cellphone, computer, boombox,
frig, Walkman, car and credit card.

The 6-mat bachelor flat I rented in
Tokyo suburb was 213.24 sq ft and
sufficed for four years—so long as
I didn't acquire new items without
first jettisoning something else to
make space atop tatami mats.

On marrying Jade we bumped up to
an 8-mat flat which, at 284.32 sq ft,
allowed us space enough to invite her
beloved parents to visit from Seoul and,
for their 15-day stay, we four got along
nicely sharing 71.08 sq ft (2 mats) each.

The single bed we used required that
we sleep head-to-feet (in shanty-Irish
fashion) as it wasn't wide enough for 
shoulder-to-shoulder, although such
was possible once sleeper learns to
spin-in-place rather than roll over.

Her parents slept on sliver-sized kitchen
floor then, when I arose at 6:30 for work,
they'd take shanty-Irish bed whilst I 
showered and Jade made lunch that I'd
brown-bag to office via a 2-mile walk
instead of riding jammed subways.

Fortunately for usthat single bed in
284.32 sq ft flat was longer than normal,
enabling two skinny-minnys to manage
by curving yin to yang, like commas
bracketing an independent clause, or
pups in dire need of constant skinship.

*     *            
2 in Bed Built for 1