We'd get email
boasting of
intoxication achieved
by mixing meds. . .
as though we should
envy Xeno's addictions

An ex-marine who
lauds discipline, Xeno
as life-long smoker is
unable to quit yet howls
need for increased
discipline in 'Merica

Lung disease that
results gets blamed
not on smoker but
on employer for not
changing office HVAC
filters often enough

Prone to rants,
Xeno sees fury
as proof that rant
is righteous and
those with differing
views are evil or dumb

A Gulf War-era vet
desperate for acclaim,
Xeno describes self
as a Gulf War vet
when among civilians
who don't know better

Frantic for self-esteem,
Xeno got a rant
posted on anti-Obama
rant site and gushed:
"I can't believe I'm
a published author"

Prone to job-hopping,
Xeno blames jealous
coworkers and
evil bosses as
causes of inability to
stay with an endeavor

Frantic to be heard,
 Xeno started blog
that goes unread
save for one on
condition that Xeno
read his blog

Prone to xenophobia,
Xeno made no effort
to learn Spanish during
2 years in Mexico 'cause,
"I didn't want locals
laughing at my mistakes"

Prone to hypocrisy,
Xeno stops criticizing
"welfare queens" after
going on The Dole following
her latest firing from
minimum-wage job
for frequent absences

Life slips by
as Xeno
rants and
crying jags

Author: USMC & RVN, 1966–1969