Today saw a story about Makin Island
I had tears in my eyes
not tears of sadness 
but tears of joy
for today 19 Brothers came home

I could not always call them Brothers
it took me three hard months to earn that right
I have thousands of Brothers and Sisters everywhere
but today 19 Brothers came home

I don't know all of their names
will never meet most of them
some are gone now
they date back to 1775
but today 19 Brothers came home

So do not shed a tear because they are gone
sing out with joy for their return
let the world know that they are back
for they have been gone along time
but today 19 Brothers came home

Many more Brothers and Sisters are lost
but the Marine Corps will not rest
till all are found
for we leave none behind
but today 19 Brothers came home

*     *     *
The author: Allen Brown
Sgt USMC 1973–1981
F 2/12 Oki 73–74
MCTSSA 74–76
1st MAW 76–77
3rd MAW 77–81
Now in Kentucky working at Fort Knox

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19 Brothers Came Home
Makin Island raid, August 1942 — Colonel Evans F. Carlson, USMCR (left) and Lieutenant Colonel (then Major) James Roosevelt, USMCR (right) consult a map as they prepare to return to Pearl Harbor after the successful Makin Island raid of August, 1942. This photograph was probably taken before the raid, or after the raiding party had returned to Hawaii. Lieutenant Colonel Carlson was commander of the Second Marine Raider Battalion.
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a 7-minute video:
How remains
were brought home