by R.M. Cook Barela
July 1999 ©

Oh, where have you taken me?
What have we done?
A new journey of thoughts
and feelings has now begun.

What new adventures of time and space will we share?
Leave this world and venture where I should not dare,
who cares to know what's on my mind?
Laughter and silence are never kind.

A sense of grief is in the air
a sense of duty if I venture there,
search for it like gold
or bury it some more?

What has taken me to this journey of woe?
What thoughts are hidden in pain forevermore?
Where does friendship, my mind and heart come in?
Since when is honor buried in sin?

There is a sense of grief in the air
guilt for what's been done,
depression and pain are now the same
do I dare to venture there?
Who on this side of life would care?

Yet, I hunger to know some more
so I venture through darkened chambers 
and the horrors of war to find
peace in time's distant shore.

What have I done?
What remains unsaid?
Who can talk to a friend now dead?
What awful dreams have now begun?

Please, place a dark veil upon the sun
for tomorrow's horrors are at the door,
screaming for love where it is no more
no hope for peace to a soiled soul.

*     *     *
The author: R.M. Cook Barela, served in Vietnam 1967–1968, as a machine gunner with 1st platoon, India Company 3/7, 1st Marine Division. Today he is a Christian pastor residing in Riverside, CA.

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