by Nihil D. Benuche (Bulldog)
28 Jan. 1986

It was a clear, bright morning on that fateful day
As seven happy people finally made their way.
All the work and hardships behind,
These seven loving souls stepped out in line.

Up into the Challenger; let's waste no time,
It's a beautiful day for this mighty climb.
From around the world
We with the seven counted down the time.

"It's a go!" came the roar from the crowd nearby,
With a mighty roar the Challenger reached for the sky.
See her go with your own eyes,
Straight as the eagle the Challenger flies.

Up, up to the heavens,
Look at her go in a fiery roar.
In less than two minutes
The Challenger existed no more.
A great flaming flash,
A large white cloud,
A hush fell over the crowd.

Fear not for those seven loving souls,
For the Lord is the One, let it be told,
Who reached into the flames for those seven souls.

Pulled them out to be with Him up there
As tears and pain washed over the land,
The Lord held those seven in his mighty hands.

And unto them He said:
"To my heavens you came to search
For ways to make life better on Earth.
Here you will stay until the end of time,
So go now my seven loving souls,
Play among the stars as time unfolds." 

*     *     *
The author: Nihil D. Benuche (Bulldog),
PFC. USMC, 1955–59

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Seven Souls of Challenger 
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