by Mike Bliss
(aka Intruder)

I went to visit your names today
engraved upon The Wall,
there for all the world to see
and know you gave your all.

You're over fifty-eight thousand strong
and you served our country well,
then came that day you met your fate
as one by one you fell.

You didn't want to fall that way,
so young and in a war so rotten.
I pray each day as I think of you
that your names won't be forgotten.

I want you to know that as I write
Americans have taken a stand.
We want to know, "What was your fate?"
the truth is all we demand.

If you're still alive, I pray: "Dear God,
please comfort these dear men.
Release them from their torture and pain
and bring them home again."

*     *     *
The author: Mike Bliss (Sgt., 1970–1976) served with VMA(AW)533 at the Rose Garden, Nam Phong, Thailand 1972–1973. Now an electrician residing in Wichita, Kansas.

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