The Prisoner 
by Mike Bliss
(aka Intruder)
May 1995

I've been here for oh, so long
I've lost track of how many years,
I used to cry almost every day
but now I shed no tears.

There was a time when they brought me food,
I'd throw it across my cage;
my defiance has long since left me
perhaps I'm mellowing with age.

I work their fields; I harvest their rice,
sometimes knee-deep in the dung.
I used to complain and get beat in the head,
now I have control of my tongue.

I used to dream that soon I'd go back
to the states, my family, my wife.
I realize now it was only a dream;
I've conceded that this is my life.

But one day soon I'm going to move
to a home I don't have to buy,
on that day I'll trade my cage 
for a mansion in the sky.

'Til that day comes, don't worry about me;
I'll continue to do what I'm told.
Then Jesus will come and take me home
to my house on a street of gold.

*     *     *
The author: Mike Bliss (Sgt., 1970–1976) served with VMA(AW)533 at the Rose Garden, Nam Phong, Thailand 1972–1973. Now an electrician residing in Wichita, Kansas.

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