Johnny's two-wheeler can turn on a dime.
He's been a big boy for quite a long time.

He takes his two-wheeler alone 'round the block
While his mother sits worried and watching the clock.

Just see the wheels sparkle when he's rolling by,
But why does his passing make his mother cry?

She helps him get dressed and she helps him upstairs,
Ever since he was born he's been fast in her prayers.

She looks at the case where his medals are hung
And remembers the days when he ran in the sun.

The days before two-wheelers rolled through her door;
The days before Johnny came home from the war.

*     *     *
The author: Harold Cockson served in the Corps from Sept. 1966–Sept. 1968, with Whiskey Battery 2nd Bn., 11th Marines in Vietnam 67–68; Hill 63, BLT 3/1—Cua Viet River, Camp Carroll, Ca Lu. After that BLT went to Phu Loc, then An Hoa. Currently he is Senior Planning Specialist w/ Nebraska Public Power District (26 years). Zen-and-now pix of the author.

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Johnny's Two-Wheeler