by Cpl. Robert Lin Cook
Jan 1942-Sep 1945

This land is in an awful mess,
I've been thinking of
sending an SOS but
who can I send it to?
Not to me, not to you.
We sent those idiots
to do the work
that shows them up
To be all jerks.

They said that they
were all first class,
turns out they
were all half-ass.
Didn’t know from squat
quite what to do,
left good folks
in a stew.
No help,
mo water
and no food.
That ain’t right, dude.

If they'd sent for the Corps
as they damn well
should have done,
there would have been
order and control
with or without a gun.
We know the way
to do a job that
takes some command,
we have been doing that
since the Corps began.
So when you got a job
and you don’t know
what to do,
call upon the Marines.
They'll take you through.
Semper Fi.

*     *     *
The author: Robert Lin Cook served with Reg. Weapons Co. (2d-2d) from 1942-44, at Guadalcanal and Tarawa during a 33-month overseas tour.

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