by Cpl. Robert Lin Cook
Jan 1942–Sep 1945

When I take my wife to store
I wear my gyrene cap,
it lets folks know 
who I am or was
and sometimes
they stop to chat.

I’ve met other old Marines,
in one shape or another
who are glad to see you
and treat you like a brother.

They’re proud of 
being in the Corps and
speak of it with pride,
they leave you
with a hand shake
and a Semper Fi!

There is no better feeling
than that which you get
when your memories
take you back
to the place where
you were at your best.

*     *     *
The author: Robert Lin Cook served with Regimental Weapons Co. (2d-2d) from 1942–44, at Guadalcanal and Tarawa during a 33-month overseas tour.

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My Gyrene Cap
gyrene—During WWI, Marines fought with such ferocity and valor that they were called "GIs". A Marine doesn't want to be called a "GI"; he wants to be called a Marine—so they mixed the two for "gyrene" (GI-Marine)
Source: Urban Dictionary