eagle, globe & anchor
by Cpl. Robert L. Cook
Jan. 1942–Sept. 1945

​Whenever I observe
the ladies passing by
I give each
a casual eye.
It’s rarely that
I see a form
that pleases me.

I wonder if it’s their pride
that has somehow
eluded them?
It’s difficult to realize 
they’ve given up on
keeping svelte and trim.

Most across the after-beam
are an axe handle wide
and their forward quarters
need a lot of trim.
They wiggle and wobble
as they make the scene.

Now, it would be unfair
to criticize the girls alone,
the fellows are as
much to blame and
have much to atone
for a gut that leads them
wherever they may roam.

Americans have 
lost their pride
that once was outstanding.
It seems their appetite
has left them demanding.

So for health sake
and our good looks,
let’s take a second
to check a diet book.
You’ll be glad you did.

*     *     *
The author: Robert Lin Cook served with Regimental Weapons Co. (2d-2d) from 1942–44, at Guadalcanal
and Tarawa during a 33-month overseas tour.

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