by Cpl. Robert Lin Cook
Jan 1942-Sep 1945

They told us we were
'Marines' way back in 1942,
they said they had a job they thought
that we could really do.
They gave us guns and bayonets,
 "C" rations and some cigarettes,
they hauled our sorry asses south,
no destination word of mouth,
dumped us off at Guadalcanal
and said, "We'll see ya later, pal!"

Well, we whipped their asses
in a few long months,
I can say it was not fun.
Those bastards
that we fought knew
how to use a gun.

The hardest battles
that we fought now
have famous names:
"Porkchop" to "Bloody Ridge"
and then to the "Tenaru."
Across the bay
on that "D" day
was Tulagi and Guvutu.

That was back some 60 years
and to this day I find
I see it and hear it  
all within my mind.
I guess I never will forget
nor never will I try.

*     *     *
The author: Robert Lin Cook served with Reg. Weapons Co. (2d-2d) from 1942-44, at Guadalcanal and Tarawa during a 33-month overseas tour.

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