by Cpl. Robert Lin Cook
Jan 1942-Sep 1945

I'm just a crusty old Marine
who fought with rifle 
and carbine,
when it comes to hell
I've been through
shot and shell and
a lot of what comes
 in between.

I'm just a crusty old Marine
and sometimes inclined
to be mean,
when you see a buddy fall
and you know he gave his all
then you're inclined
to annihilate the scene.

 I'm just a crusty old Marine
who has seen some things
that you should never see
for out there in the field a
man becomes less than real,
and is inclined to do
some unforgiving things.

Yes, I'm a crusty old Marine and
I swore to keep my honor clean
and through it all I vow
that I did — somehow.
And I bless the Corps
that taught me
to be the man
I should be:
a regulation,
crusty old Marine.

*     *     *
The author: Robert Cook served with Reg. Weapons Co. (2d-2d) from 1942-44, at Guadalcanal and Tarawa during a 33-month overseas tour.

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Crusty Old Marine