Before the Battle
by Dave D'Arche, December 1999

Please God, if you are going to 
take me today in this battle 
— take me fast.

Not like some I have seen 
with wounds of horror 
that last and last.

I have no desire to go, Lord, 
not this day or ever,
but I know it is yours
and not my will.

Let my brothers in battle know 
that even though I have left,
I am with them still.

I will be by their side 
through all this fury and 
will wait for them 
over the hill.

*     *     *
The author: GnySgt Dave D'Arche, WW II, saw action on Eniwetok, Parry Islands, Engebi, Guam. Joined at 17, spent 20 months in the Pacific. 

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