Memorial Day
by Dave D'Arche, May 2005

Rest in peace, my brothers all,
fate sets the stage for
who lives or dies;  
there are no curtain calls.

Wars kill the young, 
the nation's best, and 
sends them to eternal rest;
politicians direct the band.  

On Memorial Day, the 
people remember the 
dead of war, while some
of us never forget.

Screams and curses of 
those wounded so bad
still linger in our heads,
invading sleep and dreams.

Most of us who survived
still are seeking peace,
which may not come
until we join you.

Many still will arrive 
and stand by your side
for wars will never end;
dying will go on forever.

*     *     *
The author: GnySgt Dave D'Arche, WW II, saw action on Eniwetok, Parry Islands, Engebi, Guam. Joined at 17, spent 20 months in the Pacific. 

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