Memorial Day II
by Dave D'Arche, November 2007

Now I lay my brother down to sleep
myself too tired and hurt
to even weep

No need to even dig
the hole deep, for
he will not care or even know

There are many left
who will miss him so
but his is the sleep
from which you never waken,
the last sleep ever taken 

We were side by side
in many battles
bragging that
they could never kill us

But kill they did,
my best friend,
our love for each other
has reached an end

Rest in peace my brother
under the wet sand,
go with God into the peace
of another land  

*     *     *
The author: GnySgt Dave D'Arche, WW II, saw action on Eniwetok, Parry Islands, Engebi, Guam. Joined at 17, spent 20 months in the Pacific. 

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