What will we do without you?
Your chair is empty,
our hearts are broken,
we'll never again hear your laughter,
never again see that twinkle in your eye.

What will we do without you?
Christmas will never again be the same,
the bond that held us together is gone,
we can't make ourselves smile,
food doesn't have any taste.

What will we do without you?
Who's going to take your place?
How will we ever be normal again?
You are just one of many no longer here,
your chair is empty. 

What will we do without you?
What might you have become?
What might you have accomplished?
They tell us to be proud, you died a good death,
it wasn't their child out there; if only they knew.  

What will we do without you?
You died so others could be free,
will they ever be free or will it prove futile?
Will your sacrifice have been in vain?
Either way, your chair is empty.

What will you do without me?
You need me to talk to, to keep the memories,
who will make you laugh when you want to cry?
You went of your own accord, they call you a hero,
you've always been my hero, and now your chair is empty.

*     *     *
The author: Linda O'Brien Yaw (pen name: Darby Thorpe) PFC 1962–1964 attached to Base Comm CamLej. Retired from New York State Dept. of Social Services. Resides in Rochester, NY.

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The Chair is Empty