In these days of barracks hats,
Kevlar helmets, and this 'n' that,
to protect the pate of our Marines
from all the sun, the rain and sleet.

Throughout the years we've worn a lot:
campaign hats, steel helmets (pisspot),
utility caps that make us look like cons but
you better not get caught without one on.  

Pith helmets to make us look like
I've seen Frank Buck wear in a book,
Aussie hats with the sides turned up
in jungle sites, as was our luck.

But one great hat passed from the scene, 
a favorite of many a Marine.
Some called them "garrison cap,"
"overseas cap," and other crap.
But this li'l jewel defies all titles
and is known by many another,
but the name most loved by all of us
is the simple sobriquet — pisscutter.

*     *     *
The author: James Stockton was a gunner with C Co., 5thTkBn, 5thMarDiv on Iwo Jima Feb-Mar 1945, as well as other posts throughout the Corps during a 20-year stint.

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The Pisscutter
Former Marine and author William Styron wearing his pisscutter during WWII.
Styron's works include:
Lie Down in Darkness (1947)
The Confessions of Nat Turner (1967)
Sophie's Choice (1979)
Darkness Visible (1990)