by James Stockton

A hundred Marines sat on the line, 
rapid fire, and all was fine. 
The rifles cracked, bull's eyes, we know; 
down came the targets, now they'll show. 

White spotters adorned targets left and right, 
looked like snow, a pretty sight. 
But wait! What's that where I shot? 
Not a single one! . . . not one white spot. 

I look for black ones 'round the "bull," 
no luck there either, I feel a chill. 
They start the disks, white for bulls, 
none for mine . . . there they were still. 

A single pole rose o'er the butts 
waved back and forth, like in a rut. 
A red flag waving, a miss of course, 
and that red flag is "Maggie's Drawers." 

Suddenly a commotion is heard on line,
I thought, "My coach, and it's my time." 
But a good-lookin' dame comes down the track:
"My name is Maggie — and I wants 'em back." 

*     *     *
The author: James Stockton was a gunner with C Co., 5thTkBn, 5thMarDiv on Iwo Jima Feb-Mar 1945, as well as other posts throughout the Corps during a 20-year stint.

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Maggie's Drawers