by James Stockton

Life deals us a hand on
the day we were born
and it's up to us
how we play it.
There are many ways 
to explain life’s game
and as many ways
to say it.

As I look back 
on the games I’ve played
and the bets I have made, 
I wouldn’t have had it any other way,
for that’s the way a man is made.

Some I’ve won, some I’ve lost 
and some I shouldn’t have played,
but through it all, I thank my stars
that I held my cards and stayed.

And now the game is almost o’er
and it’s time to show our hand for
we who’ve played the game and won
are brothers, man to man.

*     *     *
The author: James Stockton was a gunner with C Co., 5thTkBn, 5thMarDiv on Iwo Jima Feb-Mar 1945, as well as other posts throughout the Corps during a 20-year stint.

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Poker Game of Life