Toast to the U.S. Marines
By William Patrick Torpey,
Oil City, PA

The devil dogs of Uncle Sam
showed what they can give and take
by the gallant stand this little band
made at the Isle of Wake.

They never learned the word Retreat,
they know not what it means;
Forward is the motto of
the United States Marines.

They blew no Taps
when they engaged the Japs
on the far Pacific isle but
fought with might
both day and night
and did it with a smile.

They gave their lives
for the Stars and Stripes,
made the sacrifice supreme
and history will record the deeds
of those gallant brave Marines.

Our Leathernecks are men of nerve
on whom we can depend to
fight for right and freedom
and Old Glory to defend.

Whether it be on land or sea
or any battle scene you
will find him ever faithful:
the United States Marine.

*     *     *
Author: William Patrick Torpey served in the USMC infantry from 1939 to 1945 and achieved the rank of Master Sergeant. 19 Nov 1943 to 30 Apr 1944 he took action against the enemy at: Gilbert IslandsKavieng, Marshall Islands, Truk Island, Mariana Islands, Palau Islands, Wake IslandHollandia, New Guinea, while aboard the USS Monterey.
The author in 1938; still stateside with service in the Pacific war looming.
The author in 1940, training at Quantico.